Each of us has a relationship with food that can be very deep and emotional, so the first step will be to know your personal history and then adjust the pace to your needs and feelings. I will accompany and guide you on your unique path.


My goal is to channel your efforts in the most beneficial way, always respecting your specific circumstances, your personality, your levels of discipline and willpower. 


As we work together, you will draw motivation from understanding what is going on in your body and why you feel the way you do. The ultimate motivation will come from feeling better. 

How we will work



  • I can provide a free 15 minute video or audio call to explain my work and evaluate how I can be of help in your specific case. 

  • Before our first meeting: I may ask you to complete a few questionnaires on your dietary habits your health, lifestyle and family history.

  • During our first consultation we will discuss your goals, health concerns, and devise your nutrition and lifestyle programme. Tailored to your specific needs, it will most likely require some changes to your diet and lifestyle and may include some recommendations on dietary supplements. This first consultation lasts 75 minutes, in person in Brussels, or at a distance via Skype. 

       Its cost is 120 euros.

  • I will follow up with your programme and any additional information you may need, including recipes. I may ask you to keep a food journal for a variable period of time where you will have to fill in your daily meals and any possible symptoms associated with them, depending on your situation. I will set some initial goals for you and assist you closely to track your progress along the way in between our meetings. 

  • Follow-up consultations: I usually recommend a follow-up consultation between three and six weeks after your first one. The aim is to review progress to date, and to adapt the programme and goals as required. Follow-up consultations usually last between half an hour and forty-five minutes and cost 60 euros.